Welcome to Baskin Livestock’s Website

Baskin Livestock is a family owned enterprise that has been in business since 1980, originally located in Franklin, Massachusetts and Cumberland, Rhode Island. The company is owned by Bill Baskin and his wife Susan Blackburn and moved to Batavia, New York in 1991. We have been at our present site since 1993, raising Dairy Replacement Heifers, prime and choice beef steers and registered American Quarterhorses. In addition to raising livestock, we operate two feed mills. One facility recycles items from the human food production stream (‘pre-consumer’) diverting it from its previous fate of entering a landfill, and processing the mix into either a high quality bakery meal or a sugar product. Our second mill, located off-site, turns pet food into hog and poultry feed. All three end products are primarily sold to other feed blending operations. We pick-up packaged and bulk food ingredients from Indiana to Maine and sell processed bulk feed through out the eastern United States and Canada. A full-service shop is on premise to maintain and repair our farm tractors, our over the tractors and trailers, our compactors and to fabricate equipment for the farm and mills.

We own 1,750 acres in Genesee County. Our fat cattle are on feed in several facilities, both in New York and the midwest. Our market for dairy heifers is global, as we have exported cattle across the USA and to Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Turkey, Lebanon, Russia, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand. A large percentage of our property is in pasture allowing the grazing of our dairy animals and horses as weather permits. In addition to caring for our animals, we follow all best-management practices to ensure the stewardship of our land and environment. For example, packaging material from our raw ingredients is utilized in the solid fuel burner to provide heat, completely removing the need for burning propane. We compost both our cattle and horse manure to provide a stable, usable product for land application (replacing manufactured fertilizer) which is also offered for sale to other landowners.

Currently we employee 49 full-time employees year round. It is the mission at Baskin Livestock to have employees who work with us from hire date until their retirement. Some employees (Tom Stroud, recently retired after 21 years, Steve Greene working part-time after “retiring” from full time starting in 1998 and Troy Reilly, starting in 2002 ) have been here for almost the entire time we have lived in New York. Towards our goal of retaining the best employees, we provide competitive wages, complete health insurance for our employees, spouses and families, 6 paid national holidays, paid vacations, uniforms and a matching fund retirement plan.