Our Systems in the Field

Our hydraulically powered cart dumper empties a cart into a compactor which in turn feeds a transfer trailer.  The cart dumper would be interlocked into a floor scale so that the waste would need to be weighed first before the cart could be dumped.  A database would be created that would track the waste back to point of origin in the plant.  This same database would interface with a paging software so that our dispatcher would be automatically notified of trailer load status.   Our proprietary paging software then allows pickups to be automatically dispatched.  This system eliminates the need for someone in the plant to call in when trailers are full and ensures that you always have the capability to dump waste.  The database will give you valuable information as to the efficiency of your baking operation and is a tremendous help in identifying and pinpointing problem areas in your production process.  The software package is customized to your needs and you decide how much detail you need in the reports and how they function.