Our Mill

Raw ingredients before being processed
Bill Baskin supervising the first load of raw material delivered to the new mill 2009
Bill Baskin (owner) and Tyler Player (engineer) during construction of the new dryer system 2012
Joe Stalica, Mill-Worker-since 2007
Adam Hawks - Mill Operator since 2012
Doug Hendrickson, Mill Manager at the west entrance.
Doug Hendrickson the Mill Manager since 2014
Jeff Scott, employee since 2016
Susy and Bill having a little fun during a walk-through at the Mill. The rotating dryer drum, heated by our solid fuel burner, and fan allow us to dry our bakery to a 9% moisture content.
Bill Baskin (right), explains fuels production to a visitor. Baskin Livestock uses nearly 100% of all materials received in the production process. This makes us a "highly efficient green facility".